Myway Airlines committed in providing quality facilities to passengers with reduced mobility who require wheelchair services. It is important for us to know about your trip before you have book ticket to avoid misunderstanding in the future. Acceptance of Passengers with Reduced Mobility may be depends upon some factors (condition of the passenger; limitation per aircraft; the necessity of special equipment e.t).

Booking request must be made 72 hours before departure but not later than 24 hours before departure.

While making a booking it is necessary to inform whether you need a wheelchair or not. In case of using own wheelchair, it is necessary to provide an information about its size, weight and type - manual or battery powered. If, battery powered please, provide battery information (Model Number, Proper Shipping Name or Wheelchair Model Name/Number) The number of wheelchairs can be limited on certain aircraft types, due to restricted loading capacity is controlled via reservation of number of handicapped passengers.

Any own wheelchair exceeding, excess baggage rate to be applied.

The wheelchair must be name-labeled.

The 'delivery at aircraft' procedure may be applied if a wheelchair with dry cell battery or manual wheelchair is used up until boarding and again needed as from disembarkation.

If the wheelchair is not needed, it must be checked - in as baggage.

Wheelchair types
  • WCMP - Manual wheelchair
  • WCBD - Electric dry cell battery wheelchair
  • WCBW - Electric wet cell battery wheelchair
Wheelchair Category
  • WCHR – Wheelchair Ramp Guest only requires wheelchair to cover longer distances; able to climb stairs independently.
  • WCHS – Wheelchair Steps Guest not able to climb stairs but can cover short distances on foot.
  • WCHC – Wheelchair Cabin Seat Guest requires wheelchair at all times, unable to move around the cabin without help from another person – own wheelchair carried with him/her at all times.