Is Check-in at the airport chargeable?

Check-in at the airport is free of charge.

I want to change passport, is it a problem?

Change Passport information is free of charge before ticketing. After ticketing all changes are chargeable.

I bought tickets by mistake on incorrect routes, what can I do?

Passenger should inform Myway Airlines about mistake  no more than 24 hours at

How can I buy a ticket?

You can buy a ticket on our website, Our sales office, or any travel agency which works on the international sales system.

How can I purchase additional services?

Please check the instruction on the link

Price list of additional services

Is there any option of adding baggage by myself on

Passengers can add baggage during online Check-In on our website 48 hours before departure.

How can I choose seat?

Passenger can choose a seat During Online Check-In 48 hours before departure.

In case of lost baggage, who can I contact?

Please write us at the address

What is Cabin Baggage Allowance?

Please check full information on the link: 

Animals are in hold

Please check full information on the link:

Traveling with pets

Please check full information on the link:

Is there possible to choose vegetarian meal?

The passenger can get a vegetarian meal at aircraft during the flight with free of charge.

I have made a mistake in the name / surname.

Name correction is chargeable up to 3 letters. 

Is it necessary to get online check-in?

Passenger can check-in at the airport without online check-in service 48 hours before departure.

Does infant’s ticket include hand luggage?

Infant's ticket contains 1 piece of 10kg hand baggage.

I have to cancel this flight. Is there any refund due to medical reasons?

Involuntary Refund by medical reason is permitted if the passenger is not valid for carriage and together with request on refund provides all confirming documents, such as:

  • Passport copy
  • Ticket
  • Official document from Doctor/Clinic on the letterhead with date, stamp, and signature, where is mentioned together with revision of passenger health condition that passenger is not accepted/recommended for air transportation.

How early should I get to the airport for check in?

Shota Rustaveli Tbilisi International Airport: Check-in starts 3 hours prior departure time

Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International Airport: Check-in starts 4 hours prior departure time