Traveling with infants

Infant is a minor under 2 years of age, not having reached its 2nd birthday.


in case infant reaches the 2nd birthday during the journey, the ticket must be issued on the applicable child fare for the entire journey.

Infants may not be accepted within first 7 days after birth, except as medical case.
Only one infant per accompanying adult over 18 years of age (16, if within same family).
The maximum number of infants carried is governed by the quantity of child infant flotation aids, infant seat belts, and drop down oxygen available.
The maximum number of infants for aircraft type Boeing 737 is 10.
The infant is not entitled to a separate passenger seat.


Infants may not be seated at emergency exit rows.

Personal baby baskets (belonging to the passenger)
  • Allowed to use when sign ‘fasten seat belt’ is switched off;
  • Dimensions may not exceed those of the aircraft baby bassinets/baskets;
  • 1st rows in each cabin section, always to be placed on the floor.
  • Transportation of personal baby basket is free of charge.

Recommend passengers at check-in to have it stowed in the hold, using 'delivery at aircraft' procedure, wherever possible.

Car type infant seats
  • Not to be used for take-off and landing;
  • Infant seat must be equipped with shoulder belts;
  • The bottom of infant seat may not exceed 40cm/15.7 inches in order to be installed in all the cabin seats;
  • Construction must allow secure lashing with the cabin seat belt and may not hamper the reclining of the seat in front;
  • Car type seat must not be installed in emergency exit row and in the row immediately in front or behind the exit row;
  • Transportation of car type infant seats is free of charge
Baby strollers
  • May be taken up to the aircraft entrance;
  • To be labeled at check-in;
  • To be stowed in hold, using ‘delivery at aircraft’ label;
  • Transportation of baby strollers is free of charge.