Traveling with Pets


Pets in cabin are:

  • Domestic animals such as dogs and cats;
  • Service animals.
  • Specially Trained Dogs

They are transported in the passenger cabin.

General acceptance regulations

Transportation of animals in cabin is subject to:

  • Governmental regulations concerning import, export and transit of live animals (for further information, refer to TIM/TIMATIC).

MYWAY AIRLINES declines all responsibility for any deterioration in the animal's health, which may occur before, during or after the flight.


The passenger must provide all necessary documents, such as export/import/transit permits, health/vaccination certificates, etc. MYWAY AIRLINES cannot be held responsible if an animal is refused entry into or transit through a country.

Conditions of acceptance

Only the above-mentioned animals may be accepted:

  • The animal must be in good health, clean, harmless, odorless and must not be pregnant;
  • May not annoy passengers;
  • Should be booked in advance;
  • Must be kept in a leak- proof kennel during the whole flight (except guide dogs);
  • If kept in a soft bag, the bag may be partially open during the flight and the pet must be muzzled and harnessed.
  • If more than one pet is booked, a minimum of 5 rows shall be between the animals, however

more than one animal belonging to the same passenger / party may be accepted in the same row, provided the animals are compatible. The container must be:

  • May not be placed on the seat;
  • Maximum weight, including container, is 8 kg.
  • The container must not exceed 55 X 40 X 25 cm.
  • The commander has the final authority to deny transportation if safety on board is likely to be endangered.
Quantity restrictions
  • Only two pets per aircraft are permitted.
  • 1 container per passenger. However, 2 or more animals are allowed in the same container, if they are familiar with each other;
  • 1 container per cabin compartment (i.e. per space divided by a physical separation, e.g. galley, curtain, bulkhead), however more than one animal belonging to the same passenger / party may be accepted in same class / section, provided they are compatible.

The weight of the PETC and the container are never included in the free baggage allowance. Normal excess baggage charges apply for gross weight.