Animals in hold are:Domestic animals such as dogs and cats.

MYWAY AIRLINES will accept only dogs and cats as checked baggage in the aircraft hold.

NOTE: Domestic animals of unusual size, wild animals and rodents must be transported as cargo.

General acceptance regulations

Transportation of animals in hold is subject to:

Requirements laid down in the IATA Live Animals Regulations (LAR);

Governmental regulations concerning import, export and transit of live animals (for further information, refer to TIM/TIMATIC).

NOTE: In case of animals transportation to EU countries, Regulation of the European Parliament must be observed.


MYWAY AIRLINES declines all responsibility for any deterioration in the animal's health, which may occur before, during or after the flight.


The passenger must provide all necessary documents, such as export/import/transit permits, health/vaccination certificates, etc. MYWAY AIRLINES cannot be held responsible if an animal is refused entry into or transit through a country.

Conditions of acceptance

Only the above-mentioned animals may be accepted. The animal must be in good health, clean, harmless, odorless. Pregnant animals are not acceptable for carriage by air A passenger may check-in three pets at the most. One pet per kennel. If the age is under 6 months, two pets are allowed per kennel. Animals less than 4 months can travel only with the mother in the same kennel.

The animal shall only be carried in a container which meets the specifications of LAR.

The container must be:

  • rigid plastic kennel with a metal door suitable for travel by air;
  • clean, leak-, escape-, claw- proof;
  • adequately ventilated on three sides;
  • with smooth and rounded edges not to cause the animal damage itself;

It must in general allow the animal to stand up, turn around and lie down in a natural manner. Separate food and water troughs must be present within the kennel with outside access for filling. They must have round edges and made of non-toxic material. The kennel must have absorbent material on the floor like newspaper/blanket. Hay is prohibited. Kennel doors must be firmly locked. Big kennels must have at least two secure door fasteners. MYWAY AIRLINES may refuse transportation if the above requirements are not met. Copies of valid health papers – in English – shall be attached to the kennel in an envelope.


Soft sided 'Pet bags' are not suitable for transportation of animals in hold.

Containers are not available. Passenger must provide own kennel.