Guidelines for safe travel

STOP COVID 19 - Make your journey safe

General messages:

  • Wear medical face masks, ensure their correct use and disposal, and replace every 4 hours (unless manufacturer instructions say otherwise);
  • Observe physical distancing (1.5 meters);
  • Wash hands regularly for at least 20 secs with soap and water or, where not available, use alcohol-based hand sanitizing solutions;
  • Cover the mouth and nose with a tissue or flexed elbow when sneezing or coughing;
  • Limit direct contact with surfaces and people;
  • Be kind to each other – it’s the only way we will get through this;

Before leaving for the airport:

  • Don’t travel to the airport if you have been feeling uneasy;
  • Check if you have sufficient medical face masks for your journey;
  • Ensure you leave enough time for your journey including checks at the airport;

At the airport:

  • Ask a member of check-in staff in case you have any questions or feel uneasy (they are there to help you in this new situation);
  • Be prepared for thermal screening at the airport;
  • Observe physical barriers or signs indicating distancing requirements;
  • Wear a face mask, and expect to be denied boarding if you do not wear one;

On the aircraft:

  • Ask the cabin crew if you have any questions or feel uneasy (they are there to help you in this new situation);
  • Watch the cabin safety demonstration so you know what is happening on your flight;
  • Read Health Safety Promotion Card (COVID-19 Card) located in the seat pocket in front of you and follow its instructions;
  • Reduce the use of individual air supply nozzles as far as possible;
  • In order to limit physical contact, the provision of food is temporarily restricted;